Risky Range

Main Continent:

Risky Range

     Despite being the second most feared region on all of Sarvannia, surprisingly Risky Range is by far not the most avoided. The reason Risky Range is so feared is because of the beings that inhabit this vast, mountainous region. This is the home of the monsters, the four main ones being the goblins, trolls, ogres, and orcs. Living within the seemingly endless maze of caves, caverns, and tunnels, each of the four main monster species has claimed their own territory, with the other minor monster species living under one of their rule.

     The monsters claimed this region as their home back when they were first evolving, and have fiercely held on to it ever since. This is because Risky Range has the largest, most easily accessible collection of underground fresh water on all of Sarvannia. Back then the monsters swarmed this continent with their numbers, rightfully earning their horrific reputation. Despite the number of monsters today being comparatively a small fraction of their once vast numbers, their reputation has remained strong if not grown over the years.

     This easily accessible fresh water is the main reason why this region is not avoided. However, the only place magicals are able to speak with the monsters without fear of attack is at Bottleneck Depot. Ran solely by the monsters, this is the only cave where magicals are allowed to enter. This is because Valley Pass is the only acceptable passage through Risky Range, and therefore a depot was placed at one end to provide access to trade and supplies. It is an honor-based treaty between the monsters and magicals. So long as they stay in Valley Pass; enter no cave, cavern, or tunnel besides Bottleneck Depot; or pose any threat to the monsters, they will leave them be. Anything outside of that and you risk being slaughtered on sight.

     Valley Pass was not always a green valley providing safe passage through the mountains of Risky Range. This valley was carved by a massive and powerful river whose undercurrent was so strong it carved its riverbed deeper and deeper with every passing year. When the river finally broke through the mountains on both ends of its incredible length, it soon completely drained and dried out, leaving a hard but fertile soil where the hardiest of short grasses, herbs, and the occasional shrub could grow. Since the monsters had no intention of inhabiting this land, the honor-based treaty was formed. This treaty has been unquestionably respected and followed by both parties ever since, thereby leading to the uneasy and fragile peace they enjoy today.