Supermodel doesn't even begin to describe the all-natural form and beauty of the sorcerer species, as the gorgeous perfection of their looks could easily be called humanly impossible. What makes it impossible is their physical build. Standing at a stunning eleven to twelve feet tall with long slender limbs, they are undeniably the tallest magical species on Sarvannia today. To add to this, they have defined features, perfectly soft curves, and a natural slenderness that humans can only dream of. If a human was to attempt the same sized figure proportion wise as a healthy and completely natural sorcerer or sorceress, the human would most likely end up looking like nothing more than skin and bone, not to mention dangerously unhealthy. The sorcerer or sorceress on the other hand would not, but instead be perfectly healthy and filled out. On top of all this they have blonde hair with golden blonde being the most common, warm fair skin that is flawless, and light blue eyes that range from sky blue to almost grey. Combined together, the sorcerer species is understandably called, "The supermodels of all supermodels."