Gems Continent


Gems Continent

     Gems Continent is the smaller of the two continents, even with Oasis Island as part of its territory. It is also the coldest and most brutal inhabitable area on all of Sarvannia. With the exception of the tropical oasis that gives Oasis Island its name, Gems Continent is very cold and barren. This is because liquid fresh water is near impossible to come by here. In fact, it is the maze of salt water rivers and lakes that stretch from coast to coast that makes Gems Continent inhabitable at all. Without them, the only inhabitable spot on this part of Sarvannia would be within the tropical oasis on Oasis Island.

     The salt water rivers and lakes provide an abundance of plant and wildlife, and the wizards that inhabit this land have perfected quick methods for separating the salt from the water, thereby making their own liquid fresh water. Ice and snow are also harvested, melted, and cleansed as another source of liquid fresh water. Frozen Flatlands is the main area that life exists due to the salt water rivers and lakes that also call it home. Once you are in the mountains food and water sources are significantly harder to come by. Despite this, Crystal Mountains is always inhabited by small towns and encampments.

     Crystal Mountains is overflowing with fine crystals and gems, some of which you cannot find anywhere else on Sarvannia. Some so rare that the natural dangers of these steep and icy mountains are willingly embraced. For those who wish to take the safer route through the Crystal Mountains, you would follow Pearl River through Limestone Pass. Pearl River also takes you right past the Wizard Empire. This is the best place to start if you wish to visit Gems Continent as it is the best place to gather supplies, maps, and knowledge before venturing out into the unforgiving wild.

     Both continents are split up into regions recognized worldwide. A region is a geographical area clearly defined by its physical boundaries, climate, unique characteristics, and the type of life or lack thereof living within. Because of this, it is not uncommon for these same factors to be the main influence behind a region’s known name. Gems Continent has three regions, each one as unique as the last. Click on one of the following links to learn more about that specific region.

Crystal Mountains     Frozen Flatlands     Oasis Island