Main Continent


Main Continent

     Main Continent is the heart and soul of Sarvannia. Not only is it the largest piece of land but it also has the easiest access to the fresh water deep underground. In some places these underground fresh water rivers and lakes come close enough to the surface that deep rooted vegetation can grow and thrive. Most surface water here is salt water. The main exception to this is the massive river that borders Dragon Country.

     This river is called Eastern Springs and it is the largest collection of liquid fresh water on the surface of Sarvannia. In Dragon Valley there are many smaller fresh water rivers that branch off from each other time and time again. All of these rivers are protected by the high thick canopy created by the lush jungle they weave amongst. The rest of the liquid fresh water rivers on the surface of Sarvannia are in the Enchanted Woodlands. These are more like creeks and streams that freeze during the winter, but they are plentiful enough that it can support a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

     Eastern Prairie is very similar to the open plains of the United States. The western part of Eastern Prairie is called Snow Dunes. This area is pretty much like sand dunes, only they are made of snow. Spells Prairie, on the other hand, is more like the African Plains. Though it has a blanket of grasses and herbs with the occasional shade tree and low lying shrubs, in the winter it is brown, barren, and battered with fierce winds that freeze the ground so solid only the deepest of fresh water will not freeze.

     Sprites Pasture is lush grasslands with a decent variety fruit trees and vegetables, though nowhere near as varied as it is in the Enchanted Woodlands or Dragon Valley. Shadow Lands and Snow Valley are the coldest areas of Main Continent with the exception of the mountains, namely Arctic Range and Risky Range. The ground in Shadow Lands is always frozen solid, so very little grows here, and Snow Valley is always buried under several feet of snow, even in summertime. Risky Range is the second coldest mountain range on Main Continent and is the home of all the monsters, the most common being the goblins, trolls, ogres, and orcs. Due to how territorial monsters can be, the only safe path through Risky Range is Valley Pass. Valley Pass was carved millions of years ago by a deep river. Though this river is long gone, the ground here is fertile enough to support the hardiest of grasses and herbs.

     Risky Range is also where most of the underground liquid fresh water is located. The largest of these underground fresh water lakes, as most of the underground fresh water rivers either flow to or from it, stretches between the territories of the goblins and trolls. Due to being the most approachable, this is why the goblins are the main access to the underground fresh water. Arctic Range is the coldest place on all of Sarvannia and is hammered with violent ice storms year-round. The only fresh water available here is frozen and the ground is too solid under the deep snow to break. It is because of this that the only life that lives here today is the arctic animals that have adapted to this extreme climate.

     Indisputably the most extraordinary physical characteristic of Main Continent and possibly Sarvannia is Split Mountain. Split in half by the same salt water river that makes up the border between Sprites Pasture and Shadow Lands, you would never know these two halves were from the same mountain. The southwestern half is a thriving temperate forest. The northeastern half on the other hand is a rocky, barren, frozen wasteland. Though the same kind of wildlife lives on both sides, they are as different as night and day. Even the elves who all but own Split Mountain have evolved into two very different breeds.

     Both continents are split up into regions recognized worldwide. A region is a geographical area clearly defined by its physical boundaries, climate, unique characteristics, and the type of life or lack thereof living within. Because of this, it is not uncommon for these same factors to be the main influence behind a region’s known name. Main Continent has ten regions, each one as unique as the last. Click on one of the following links to learn more about that specific region.

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Risky Range     Shadow Lands     Snow Valley     Spells Prairie

Split Mountain     Sprites Pasture