In the modern day, sorcerers and sorceresses have been called drop-dead gorgeous with natural supermodel bodies as well as cat-like throughout the entire magical community. Joined together with the vampire and elf, these three magical species are known as the powerhouse rank on Sarvannia. This is the main page of the sorcerer third of Sarvannia's powerhouse, and therefore will be the center point of all information regarding sorcerers.

About Sorcerers

     Sorcerers has been called the sworn enemy of the vampire on multiple occasions throughout Sarvannia's history, as they are one of the only magical species that can rival them in power as well as in numbers. As a result, even now it is not easy for these two very powerful and equally dominant magical species to get along peacefully. This is probably why they tend to avoid each other politically whenever possible, and if they can't avoid it will always have at least one mediator to keep things balanced, usually an elf. To help bring a better understanding of the sorcerer, and why they are so bitter towards the vampire, we will start by diving into the general facts about sorcerers. Just click one the following links to get started.

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Social Setup

     Sorcerers live in groups of clans called chiefdoms. They are individually labeled, based on their clans, as either an upper class or middle class chiefdom, and each is ruled by a chief or chieftess. The chief is based off of the strength, wealth, and class of the different clans within a chiefdom; and the leader of the greatest clan becomes the chief. These chiefs make up The Sorcerers’ Council. The leader of this council is the chief or chieftess of the strongest chiefdom around, otherwise known as the Head Chief or Chieftess. To learn more, just click on one of the following links to get started.

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