Spells Prairie

Main Continent:

Spells Prairie

     Almost completely bordered by the ocean and Risky Range, Spells Prairie is like the African Plains when it comes to vegetation. With a blanket of grasses that at their tallest might reach your waist, the occasional dwarfed shade tree, and thorny low lying shrubs this region looks green and fertile during the summer. Life is in great abundance here and food is quickly grown, gathered, and stored. This is because the weather is very quick to turn once autumn hits.

     Within weeks the land becomes brown, barren, and frozen solid. Violent bitter winds blow in from the icy cold ocean waters, quickly stripping the land of any remaining greenery that does not have deep enough roots to withstand them. Only salt water and the deepest of underground fresh water will not freeze. This is why even the trees are dwarfed in size. As winter hits these winds bring in violent ice storms. This turns any remaining vegetation crunchy, at times turning the entire land into a massive sheet of ice, and the weather will not turn again until midway through spring at the very soonest.

     As soon as these bitter winds hit all life hunkers down within their homes to wait it out. Among the animals hibernating deep underground is the most common method of survival within this region, and the few that do not will migrate to warmer regions. The only exception to this is the sorcerers. This tall and unusually slender species had adapted long ago to be able to go for weeks without any food before it will affect their health or strength. They also learned to build homes that can keep them safely protected within its walls for months without any problems.

     Due to this region being the official home of the Sorcerers, the vampire species rarely lives within this region. This is because vampires and sorcerers have hated and battled each other for years. Avoidance is the only reliable and time proven method for peace between these bitter rivals, hence why they purposefully avoid each other’s regions.