Sprites Pasture

Main Continent:

Sprites Pasture

     Despite its peaceful appearance, Sprites Pasture can be just as dangerous to cross as Shadow Lands, two regions only separated by the dangerous salt water river known as Mystical Waterway and for a short while Split Mountain. This river flows from Risky Range to the ocean, right through Split Mountain’s deep ravine. Though a common river to travel, it can be very dangerous to cross. During the summer its shallow rapids can whisk you away within seconds. However, during the winter its deep waters are deceptively calm, hiding an undercurrent that is inescapable. Once you are caught within its grasp you will never surface again.

     There are only two spots where it is safe to cross this river, both manmade. One of these crossings is located on the border of Sprites Pasture. This crossing is called Centaur Headquarters, undeniably the safest place to enter Sprites Pasture. There is one big reason for this, the Centaurs. Though peaceful in nature, these natural-born warriors are the indisputable protectors of this land, and not just because this region is their home. They are first and foremost the passionately dedicated warriors to the fairies. This is why the fairies are the overall rulers of this region despite the enchanters also calling this region home.

     The centaurs are easily the sole reason fairies are still around today, and the reason for this lies within the fairy species’ very nature. Fairies are so peaceful they could never harm a fly, more or less any other living thing. Because they will never fight, the only way fairies can protect themselves if ever they are attacked are harmless defenses like shrinking, hiding, and magical barriers for example. This is where the centaurs come in, as they were born to fight for peace. No one knows how this relationship began; only that it was formed in ancient times. Regardless, it is this ancient relationship that has saved the fairies a thousand times over.

     Sprites Pasture is covered in lush grasslands. Though their plant variety is not as great as it is in Enchanted Woodlands or Dragon Valley, this region is well-known for their juicy sweet fruits and crisp vegetables. Over the years the desire for these uniquely rich and delicious plants has grown into a thriving trade that has all but guaranteed to keep the beings of Sprites Pasture supplied for life.