World Map

     Sarvannia has two continents and one island, though the island is often considered part of the continent closest to it. The larger of the two continents is known as Main Continent, as it is where the majority of Sarvannia’s population lives. The smaller of the two continents is called Gems Continent, as it is filled with crystals and gems. In fact, the majority of Sarvannia’s crystals and gems are found here. The island is Oasis Island, as inside the circle of frozen mountains it is quite literally an oasis. This is because this circle of mountains somehow traps heat within the center, thereby allowing fresh water to run closer to the surface without freezing.

     One of the only places on Sarvannia with liquid fresh water on the surface of the planet is in and around Dragon Country. This is because the extreme heat of Fire Volcano’s massive magma chamber below the surface there keeps the water comfortably warm year-round. This leaves their main source of liquid fresh water within the deep underground wells, lakes, and rivers. Getting to this water however can sometimes be rather tricky, as their main access to this water is through the goblins in Risky Range. Most of Sarvannia’s surface water has large amounts of salt in it. Its oceans, for example, have about fifty times more salt in them than Earth’s oceans. This allows it to stay in liquid form even in Sarvannia’s coldest temperatures.

     Just like their salt water rivers and lakes, the oceans are highly buoyant due to their large amounts of salt. However, it is always extremely cold despite it never freezing. In fact, during the winter months all salt water is considered deathly cold, even to the hardy vampire, thereby making it impossible to enter. The oceans as well as most of the surface rivers and lakes are also very rough and treacherous, making them extremely difficult to travel. Summer is the safest time to travel the open waters, whereas winter is the most dangerous due to the extreme blizzards and ice storms Sarvannia is well-known for.

     All natives of Sarvannia have evolved to be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures, much more extreme than any human can handle, as have all the vegetation and wildlife. Fortunately for humans, the natural physical change they experience if ever they go to Sarvannia alters their chemical makeup just enough to make Sarvannian summers bearable. Even so, humans are given special clothing and capes that help to keep their body temperature at a healthy level. The same kind of clothing is also given to any foreign magicals visiting from other planets, especially if their native planet’s average temperatures are significantly warmer than Sarvannia’s.