The Town Hermit

     Nickolous is first introduced by a shop keeper as 'The Town Hermit.' He is a sorcerer elf mix who has strawberry blonde hair, unforgettable green eyes, deeply tanned skin, and is visibly muscular. Because of living on the move within the forest, his clothing has clearly seen better days despite his hooded cape that often shadows his face being clean and well-kept. Even though he always has a large blade on his belt, keeps to the shadows, and hardly says a word to anyone, he is actually very peaceful and gentle. What keeps him here is his mother, Nicolette, as all he really wants is for her to finally be able to claim true happiness for herself. However, this is a lot easier said than done, so in the mean time he struggles to ward off and protect the humans in town from his mother's trap within the woods. Besides, because of his absent elf human father, Nicolette is all the family he has left. So why would he abandon her now?