Unique Magic

     These are often called the named types of magic. What makes them so rare and unique is despite being very biology based, they are not in any way connected to a particular species. Even inheritance is not seen as a consistent contributor. All in all, being born with one of these is random and unpredictable. Figuratively, it is nothing more than a role of the dice. Consequently, these are seen as the most powerful and valuable types of magic. By far the most valued and feared of these, perception wise, would have to be the necromancer.


The necromancer is a magical whose natural flowing energies are one and the same with time energies, thereby making their magical abilities and energetic stability completely dependent on having constant connection with a magical staff, or at the very least a grounder. Without one, even every day life from the moment of their birth will be very sporadic and potentially dangerous, more or less if they were to be in distress.

     As some of you may have already realized, this is in direct reference to the rare time energy staff magic spoken of within advanced magic, and just to clarify, they are one and the same. The reason for the name is because of their rareness, the unpredictability of who will be born as one, and the unique potential of their magical abilities. Just think of the potential of having access to the past, present, and destined future of all physical objects and beings, more or less the ability to travel there and change the course of time. Now think of what someone could do with that kind of unlimited power at their fingertips, and you can quickly start to understand why the necromancer is so highly valued and feared.


     Though not as rare, mages are as equally feared and desired as any necromancer. These are magicals that have been blessed with energetic magical abilities that are unquestionably equivalent to ancient level staff and wand magic, despite their species and bloodline. Mages radiate a unique energy that allows them to embrace the qualities and energies of a certain physical element. This can be anything from one of the four basic physical elements (earth, air, fire, or water) to a particular charge under an element (like ice or storm energies for example).

     What makes them so unique from other wand and staff casters is their energies. Instead of their primary energies radiating from the source of that energy, their primary energies radiate from their body as if it was their species energies, like the natural energies expected of a vampire or sorcerer for example. These energies are not elemental energies, but instead will work like a magnet to a particular elemental energy, thereby giving them the ability to access the full power and strength of that type of elemental energy simply by calling upon it. This makes it possible for them to use their own body as a type of grounder, though it is not unusual for them to also use other grounders and even staffs to help ensure they stay grounded and in control of their magic, no matter how much energy they are activating or utilizing.

     Every magical army strives to have at least one mage on their side, for along with their unique magical abilities, they also have the heart of a warrior. Therefore, they thrive as what is known as a “magic warrior.”

A magic warrior is defined as any guard or warrior that uses magic in battle instead of physical weapons. So by association, the mage is defined as a uniquely-grounded elemental caster that thrives in battle, always preferring to use their powerful elemental magic as their only weapon. This is why mages will often embrace grounders as well as either a wand or staff to keep their magic and energies grounded and properly focused.