The Vampire Traditions

     The vampire traditions followed today date back to the very beginnings of their covens and at times can be very confusing and complex, especially if you were not raised around them. However, it is not impossible to learn them.

     The first thing you need to understand is the very basic social status of vampire men and women. There are two ways you can view this: dominance and leadership. The majority of the time these are one and the same, thereby defining that society as patriarchal or matriarchal. Within vampire tradition, however, this is not the case. When viewing their social status from the angle of dominance they appear to be a patriarchal society, but when viewing from the angle of leadership they appear to be a matriarchal society. This means the vampire culture is neither patriarchal nor matriarchal, though you can also argue that it is both. It merely depends on how you view it.

     The reasoning for this is really quite simple. Vampire women are all but worshiped within the vampire culture and therefore are protected at all costs. By the vampire men holding dominance over the vampire women it is much easier to protect them. Having said that, this great love and respect they hold for their women will, by nature, always give them the last word. This is what makes the women leaders. By understanding this basic social status the rest of their traditions might not seem so confusing.

     It is also important to know that only those of the same class, close to the same status within that class, and who know each other will address each other by name without any added titles of respect. This is because it is a sign of social equality when it comes to allotted respect. However, the addressing of someone who is of relatively lower class and status by name, again without any added titles of respect, is completely different. In this case it is a blatant statement that they view that person as being too far below them to even be worthy of their respect through such a title. As a result, they will also expect that person to respectfully address them as someone of unquestionably higher class and status.

     Comparatively, addressing someone of higher class and status by name, again without any added titles of respect AND without permission to do so, is also viewed as a blatant statement that they view that person unworthy of the respect allotted them. This is considered not only disrespectful and dishonorable, but rebellious and therefore that person can be legally and severely punished for it by The Count and The Countess themselves regardless of their class, status, or species. This alone is reason enough to ensure you understand the vampire traditions at least to some extent before attempting to address any coven or upper class vampire. To learn more about the vampire traditions just click on one of the following links.

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