Transfer of Power

     Due to the biological structure of the vampire community, one inevitable part of the vampire traditions is the transfer of power. This is when a royal heir claims their biological inheritance as The Count or The Countess. No matter how anyone feels about it, eventually the heir will biologically become The Count or The Countess. The process is pretty straight forward and often begins subtly over an extended period of time, which can be anywhere from several hours to a few months. This shift largely goes unnoticed by others as it is mostly their minds and bodies adjusting to the impending change. Once this adjustment period is complete both will go into a fiery rage. It is at this point that the heir will officially transform into The Count or The Countess. Simultaneously, that same transformation will reverse for The Count or The Countess, which causes them to return to being a mere count. While this often results in their first death, which is the process of going from living to undead, it is still extremely easy and nonfatal. At this point the only physical sign of their royal status will be their fangs as these will never change back.

     While this is the traditional and preferred method for the transfer of power, there are some exceptions. The most common of these would be the unfortunate passing of The Count or The Countess. If their heir is a fully mature adult this is not an issue as they will simply become The Count or The Countess, thereby filling this void. However, if their heir is not yet fully mature or if by chance they don’t yet have an heir, this will create what is traditionally referred to as a power void. This void can quickly upset the biological balance within the vampire community unlike anything else ever could. Even if The Count or The Countess was not active or present within their community this balance would be maintained as there is an even balance of male and female power and influence as their royal blood would shine through regardless.

     The other exception is a forced inheritance, something that is highly discouraged and extremely rare. Traditionally known as an involuntary transfer of power, this is when one or both heirs forcibly strip The Count and/or The Countess of their titles. This is done by the heir spontaneously going into fiery rage without any adjustment period, resulting in The Count and/or The Countess going into that same fiery rage and the inevitable reverse transformation that accompanies it. Because this forces the entire transfer of power to take place in mere minutes instead of hours to months, The Count and/or The Countess will experience mental resistance, physical disfigurement, and eventually result in their second death, otherwise known as the final death. Needless to say it is extremely grotesque and torturous, and any unfortunate enough to witness it will often be haunted by it for life. All things considered, it is no wonder an involuntary transfer of power is so rare, especially the forced inheritance of both The Count and The Countess by a single heir. This is also why The Count and The Countess will almost always opt for a voluntary transfer of power, even if they despise their heirs.