Among humans, some of the most common perceived weaknesses of the vampire are stakes, sunlight, garlic, holy symbols, and decapitation. Some others maybe not so common are drowning, fire, silver, running water, and the need for an invitation. Though it is comforting to think that vampires are this vulnerable despite being so powerful, much of it is nothing more than imagination, fantasy, and exaggeration. For example, they do not need an invitation any more than any other human or magical being would need one, and therefore are just as capable of entering another's home forcibly without permission. Also, they are no more susceptible to drowning, fire, silver, running water, garlic, or holy symbols than you or me, if not less susceptible. In fact, many vampires will simply laugh or get annoyed if you attempt to use these against them with the expectation of it working.

     Sunlight as a weakness is nothing more than an exaggeration. Vampires are perfectly capable of being in sunlight without it causing them harm. At most, the bright light of the sun will hurt their light sensitive eyes, and the heat of the sun's direct raze can be very uncomfortable upon their hypersensitive skin. This is because the vampire is nocturnal and is therefore adapted to survive within the cooler pitch black of night. So when they are active during the day, they often will keep to the shadows, wear clothing or capes that cover most of their skin, and wear sunglasses simply for comfort reasons. As for stakes, no matter what the material, if it does not pierce their heart directly and stays there, thereby causing irreversible damage to their heart, it will not kill them. It will, however, really piss them off, as being staked at all is very painful. The vampire's heart is actually their one true weakness. If their heart is somehow irreversibly damaged, despite whether they be living or undead, it will kill them, thereby turning their entire body to ash.