Witches & Warlocks

     Despite humans tending to believe otherwise, witches and warlocks are not the male and female versions of the same species. In fact, warlocks could almost be considered a weaker subspecies of the witch, though they still live under one society and culture as equals. For as long as their species have existed, witches and warlocks have been called "magical imposters" by other magicals, especially those from the powerhouse ranking. Magical imposter is a cruel name that means a weakling human who is impersonating a magical. Regardless of its inaccuracy, this name is used for two reasons. The first is their human-like appearance, though they are in no way biologically related to humans. In all actuality, they are physically much stronger and more durable than humans could ever be simply because they are an average magical. The second reason is their magical abilities. Outside of potions, witches and warlocks have very few magical capabilities. This is because of the different energies required to do potions well. So despite being the potions experts, they are more often recognized for their lack of magical abilities in other areas. However, when you see them for what they really are, it becomes obvious just how inaccurate and degrading “magical imposters” really is. Joined together with the enchanter, these three magical species are known as the casters rank on Sarvannia. This is the main page of the witch third and warlock third of Sarvannia's casters, and therefore will be the center point of all information regarding witches and warlocks.

About Witches & Warlocks

     Even though their spell and enchantment skills leave a lot to be desired, not to mention their average physical skills at best, they are in no way incapable of “dealing with their enemies.” It is their sly way of doing this that leaves people believing otherwise, which is exactly what they want. Working much like a spider’s web, you most likely will not realize it is there until it is too late. For this reason alone, the last thing you want to do is anger them. To learn more about these unassuming and unique species, just click on one of the following links to get started.

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