Synopsis of Witches in the Woods

Short Story

     Kimberly is a human who finds herself within the grasp of two local magical beings that together place her before a crossroad that will surely be life-altering. Having just transferred into the area as a third year college student, this major animal lover decides to walk Old Main within her new small town home. Because of the large forest that surrounds the entire town, it draws in a lot of hunters and tree huggers, and Kim is no exception. Though she could never be a hunter, she loves the great outdoors, with the forest being her personal favorite. Perhaps it is this love of the forest and her deep-seeded desire to help others that gets her entire life entangled within a magical web of deceit and pain that leaves her uncertain of what to do next.

     Kimberly first gets introduced to a mysterious male within the distance by a shop keeper that calls him 'The Town Hermit.' He is described as being peaceful, gentle, and has never harm anyone, though he often has a large blade on his belt, keeps to the shadows of the forest, and hardly says a word. This is what prompts Kim to try and connect with this hermit, but as luck would have it, her curiosity and boldness instead lands her right within his mother's trap. Upon first impression, Kim gets the feeling she just stumbled into a fairytale at the heart of springtime. The woman who calls herself Nicolette has the appearance of a sweet, down to earth, natural model in her early thirties. However, looks and first impressions can be very deceiving, and Nicolette is a prime example of this.

     Despite her kindly first impression, this sorceress witch has a monstrous grudge against all beings, both magical and human alike. After countless humans have been snagged within her net just to forcibly donate flesh and blood before a feathery transformation, how could anyone possibly chance this dangerously seductive and cold-hearted woman for the better? Some would even wonder why would you even want to try? With a little luck in the form of a second encounter with the mysterious hermit, Kim is left to ponder her remaining choices. Should she run away and be grateful for her life? Or should she go back and try to touch Nicolette's bitter and injured heart? Would your answer be the same as hers? Jump into this short story and find out...