Magical Abilities

     As mentioned before, witches and warlocks lack the skills necessary to do just about every type of magic out there, and it is all because of the energies they naturally radiate. Instead of the typical energies that bring power to the triggered thoughts of a spell or the spoken words of an enchantment, the natural energies of witches and warlocks flow into objects to merge together the energies of two or more items that have been blended together in some way. This is why they are the potions experts, as this is the exact kind of energy needed for potions to be done well. Without this, you are greatly limited in your potions abilities, if you can do potions at all. The biggest difference between witches and warlocks when it comes to their magical abilities is the levels of potions they are capable of doing. Though both are perfectly capable of ancient level potions simply due to having the blood for it, this is significantly easier for the witch to obtain. This is because witches have a natural born talent for potions, whereas for the warlock it is a developed skill.